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P&S Michael

Website Development
March 2, 2020
Website development for retail clothing store on popular eCommerce platform, Shopify.
P&S Michael Homepage


P&S Michael had its beginnings in the bustling urban sprawl of Sydney, a city celebrated for its cultural and ethnic diversity. They are a specialty retailer of contemporary fashion apparel, shoes and accessories with an emphasis on value pricing for style conscious women and men.

Their origins date back to 1973 as a family run business in the Sydney suburb of Granville, the location of their very first store. They have progressed from this 1 store to a small chain of stores located across Greater Western Sydney where they have become well known for channelling Italian Style fashions to the sidewalks of Western Sydney.

Their fashion forward image continues to inspire and engage their stylish clientele. As they evolve they will continue to offer high quality clothing, shoes and accessories to their broadening unisex customer base.

P&S Michael cares about your clothing need and will offer their best solutions, incorporating style and a great price to fit those specific needs. Their objective is to make both your In Store and Online shopping experience easy, enjoyable and satisfying.

P&S Michael's old website was dated and clunky to use

With eCommerce taking over the retail space, it was time for an upgrade. This meant using the ever popular Shopify as the platform of choice for ease of use from the client's perspective. The website was updated and the whole shopping experience is now much easier and user friendly for their target market.


With any project, there will be a set of challenges faced. In this particular project, the challenge was getting Shopify to integrate properly with their POS (Point of Sales) system. The POS is quite old and many bugs arose from the integration. It hasn't been the smoothest process but we got there in the end!


With the project coming to a close, the new platform offers the client much more data which they can now put to use through email marketing and pushing their brand online via social media.

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